Wide Open Skies Creative Services

Mary Jo Savageau, Owner, Wide Open Skies
Mary Jo Savageau


I created Wide Open Skies Creative Services in 2003 to help small businesses with their communication needs. The years of service provided since then adds to my more than 25 years of education and experience in communications, technology, and visual arts. That includes:

• 2 years of fine art training at Moorhead State University and Bismarck State College;
• Bachelor's degree in English from the University of Idaho;
• Continued education in communications and the arts through many local and national workshops and through noncredit college enrichment classes;
• 18 years as a corporate communications professional, doing writing, editing, web design, branding development and implementation, communications planning and photography, earning numerous awards for my work;
• More than 10 years of freelance work doing web design, writing, editing, calligraphy, graphic design, teaching (writing, basic drawing), and communications consulting; and
• Conceptualizing and developing Bismarck-Mandan Parent Pal and many other websites that fulfill my clients' communications and marketing needs.

Let me know how I can help you reach your goals!